Cultural and creative industries : At the crossroad of the twin transition

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Publié le 18 septembre 2023 Mis à jour le 18 septembre 2023

le 21 septembre 2023



Rue du Trône 100, 1050 Ixelles, Belgique

As we are experiencing considerable challenges posed by the digital transition, addressing the needs of cultural and creative industries (CCI’s) is of outmost importance to guarantee a digitalised and sustainable Europe while reflecting on the different usages of the new media technologies. In this context, the European strategy for the cultural and creative industrial ecosystem faces urgent challenges at the crossroads of environmental and societal issues, destined to transform our societies.

The new media are based on models of creativity that redefine our interactions as human beings, our understanding of culture, leisure and reality itself, which raises a number of issues: what impact is it going to have on society, environment and climate? what uses will it allow for education, training, health and culture? What technological and cultural environment are we preparing for future generations?

Relying on the European political context and under the prism of cooperation, Université Côte d'Azur proposes a workshop focusing on three main challenges and opportunities related to cultural and creative industries: CCI’s with and for innovative territorial ecosystems, addressing societal challenges by a cross-cluster and cross-disciplinary approach, eXtended Reality and Virtual Reality in the Metaverse.

This workshop will benefit from the expertise of various stakeholders who share a common strong commitment towards the development of an ambitious strategy at a European level. Among speakers:

Jean-François TRUBERT, President MIN4CI and CMQ ICC ; Anna ATHANASOPOULOU, Head of Unit, DG Grow - Proximity, Social Economy, and Creative Industries at European Commission, ; Mina STAREVA, Deputy Head of Unit, DG RTD – Societies and Cultural Heritage, European Commission ; Katherine SARIKAKIS, Coordinator, Horizon Europe Project Reviving, Boosting, Optimising and Transforming European Film Competitiveness (REBOOT) ; Anna BAJART, Deputy Head of Unit , DG Connect - Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education ; Elie LEVASSEUR, Head of XR - Le Marché du Film / Festival de Cannes

From 9:00am to 1:00pm, followed by a lunch on site